Provide unparalleled transparency

Green Proofs helps organizations back up their public decarbonization pledges and grow markets for clean commodities with granular, verifiable data.

When it comes to ESG reporting and sustainability claims, don’t trust. Verify.

EW Green Proofs is a customizable solution for registering and tracking low-carbon products and their attributes throughout complex supply chains. In contrast to other blockchain-based tracking solutions which simply translate certificates from existing registries into tokens, Green Proofs enables users to independently verify the attributes and qualifications of producers, as well as the veracity of the data and business logic that governs each step within the certificate lifecycle.

EW is currently focused on developing Green Proofs solutions in the following markets within the global energy sector:
Decarbonizing electric vehicle charging by enabling renewable energy production to be matched with electric vehicle charge events anywhere in the world
Decarbonizing electricity by giving market participants a white label solution for granular and verifiable 247 renewable energy matching
Decarbonizing aviation by providing a single, global platform to help energy majors, airlines, airports, and businesses track the production and use of sustainable aviation fuel
Decarbonizing bitcoin by developing a renewable bitcoin mining certification for use by crypto producers, buyers, and intermediaries

Who is it for?

Industry consortia
establish mature markets for emerging clean energy products
unlock latent demand for 
green commodities
facilitate commercial transactions and physical delivery of clean energy products
Clean energy buyers
simplify clean energy procurement, accounting, and reporting across multiple geographies and categories
Issuing bodies
advance their industry with a common digital platform
Enable 100% renewable EV charging anywhere in the world

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