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EW Asset Management helps enterprises strengthen security and improve visibility for distributed resources in complex operating environments.

Securely perform continuous monitoring, authentication, and authorization with proven cryptographic techniques.

EW Asset Management is a customizable solution that packages self-sovereign identity and access management tools in an enterprise-friendly way, giving companies the ability to administer all types of resources in environments with dynamic network perimeters. With advanced features for defining roles, issuing and managing credentials, and tracking events EW Asset Management enables role-based access control and identity management for human users as well as software and hardware systems.

Enterprises can use EW Enterprise Asset Management to:

Establish robust, tamper-proof audit trails for every step in an asset’s life cycle.
Monitor and verify the operating state and permissions for distributed endpoints.
Strengthen patch and configuration management capabilities for remote hardware.
Issue, manage, and revoke credentials to internal users and external partners.

Who is it for?

Asset Management helps
Electric utilities
Streamline interconnection of distributed energy resources and integrate them into planning and operation functions
Transmission system operators
Mitigate vulnerabilities and improve cyber incident response with a harmonized approach to resource authentication and authorization in multi-vendor and multi-system environments
Track provenance, installation, ownership, and registration of all types of energy assets, from batteries to wind turbines, electric vehicles to inverters

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