Tomorrow’s Renewable Energy and Carbon Markets Start Here 

EW Origin is a suite of SDKs for building new digital solutions that help communities, companies, and electric vehicle fleet operators achieve 100% renewable energy and net-zero carbon targets.
EW Origin addresses existing market pain points and catalyzes demand among buyers—from large corporations and small/medium-sized enterprises to households and electric vehicles—for impactful renewable energy investments.

You can use Origin to build new solutions for corporate renewable energy procurement, 100% certified renewably-powered electric vehicle charge guarantees, low-carbon fuel sourcing, and avoided carbon tracking in alignment with relevant market standards and regulations.

EWF is helping energy market participants across the globe to develop their own digital solutions that unlock demand for new renewable energy projects by meeting existing and shaping the future needs of their customers.
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Origin enables new market solutions that deliver a variety of technical, functional, and environmental benefits for market participants, their customers, and broader society, including:

Consistent UX Across Geographies:

Provide a straightforward user experience for multinational corporations with global footprints.

Automated, Granular Data:

Deliver robust, transparent, and accessible data so that companies can better prove their impact to stakeholders.

Plug-and-Play Ready:

Integrate with existing market standards and tracking systems across geographies, such as the I-REC Standard.

Expanded Functionality:

Establish direct market access to smaller buyers and sellers as well as electric vehicles.

Lower Transaction Costs:

Automate transactions and counter-party matchmaking between buyers and sellers.

Greater Market Access:

Create a platform for any person, company, or device to buy and sell certified renewable energy or clean fuel.
EWF and The International REC Standard Foundation are working together to promote best practices in energy attribute certificate tracking markets and support the development of new digital marketplace platforms in authorized I-REC issuance countries that help enable greater cost efficiency, reliability, robustness, consumer choice, user friendliness, and market access.
The Energy Web is accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of blockchain and other decentralized technologies.

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