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Validator network triples while EWT lists on multiple exchanges

Decentralizing the Network

From the very beginnings of Energy Web—when RMI and Grid Singularity came together with a dozen affiliate energy companies from around the world—we have focused on decentralized, shared ownership of this incredible new technology. And 2020 was the year that the decentralization kicked into high gear. The number of energy companies hosting validator nodes for the Energy Web Chain more than tripled. Meanwhile, the Energy Web Token enjoyed new listings on several exchanges, including BitMart in May and KuCoin in July.
Jesse Morris
Chief Commercial Officer, Energy Web

Validator Network

By September 2020, shortly after the one-year anniversary of the Energy Web Chain launch, the size of the validator network had more than tripled. A few months later, by the beginning of 2021, the network had grown further—to more than three-dozen validators spanning nearly 20 countries.

Visit the live validator dashboard.

On-chain Activity Accelerates

The rolling seven-day average of daily 'real transactions' on the Energy Web Chain grew slowly but steadily for the first year after the chain's launch. Then in the second half of 2020, on-chain activity picked up significantly as more companies in the Energy Web ecosystem deployed digital solutions. Through 1 January 2021, 56% of on-chain events include the issuance, transfer, and cancellation (retirement) of certificates, affirming the market for renewable energy attribute certificates (EACs) as a key use case for digital, decentralized solutions.