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From virtual forums to live-streamed AMAs, the community remained strong

Connecting & Growing the Community

Community is at the heart of the Energy Web ecosystem. Our diverse membership may come from different companies and countries, but they each share a commitment to open innovation. When the global pandemic struck in early 2020, travel and in-person events halted, but it's been incredible to see how the community has continued to strengthen through virtual events, ranging from member forums, to technology webinars, to member project spotlights.
Amy Westervelt
Membership Lead, Energy Web
Amy Westervelt

MAY 2020

Launching the Energy Web Innovation Challenge
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Energy Web Chain’s launch, we opened a call for innovative ideas to support our nonprofit mission to decarbonize the global energy sector via open-source, digital, decentralized technologies. Our ambition is bold—10 gigatons of additional decarbonization—and we can’t do it alone. Two months later, we announced the winners.

JULY 2020

Introducing the Energy Web Community Fund
One month after the EW Chain's first birthday, we announced an updated governance and management structure for the Energy Web Community Fund that would enable EW, our Members, and the broader energy sector to speed our progress. As outlined in the original Energy Web Chain white paper, a total of 37.9M (~38% of the total supply) Energy Web Tokens (EWT) will accrue into the Energy Web Community Fund between the EW Chain genesis block and 2029. The Community Fund is dedicated entirely to enhancing the open-source EW-DOS technology stack and expanding its real-world use.


IntellectEU Leverages EW Tech Stack to Win Vattenfall’s ‘Balance the Grid’ Challenge at Odyssey Momentum Hackathon
IntellectEU, an international technology company focused on digital finance and emerging technologies, won the ‘Balance the Grid’ challenge sponsored by Vattenfall at the Odyssey Momentum hackathon. Swedish multinational energy company Vattenfall has committed to “fossil-free living within one generation.” For the Odyssey Momentum challenge, Vattenfall asked applications to address “the challenge of incentivizing consumers to communicate energy demand and production to allow all stakeholders to balance the grid.” IntellectEU built its winning submission atop the EW tech stack, using SDKs that support the registration, clearing, dispatch, and settlement of millions of assets in power markets.

A Community Like No Other

From our membership team, to our board, to the moderators of our Telegram and other social channels, to third-party users creating great Energy Web content, we're honored to have a global community like no other in the energy sector.

The Energy Web Chain's First Birthday

Halfway through 2020, the Energy Web Chain turned one year old!  Naturally, we celebrated the only way a community should: by coming together (virtually) to sing a rendition of 'Happy Birthday'!