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We build open-source Web3 technologies that help companies navigate the energy transition

Energy Web technology is powering decarbonization solutions in dozens of countries
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See real-world examples of how companies are using Energy Web technology to achieve decarbonization goals
Green proofs
Data Exchange
  • Case study

    AEMO's Project EDGE: Energy Demand and Generation Exchange

    A distributed energy resource marketplace that enables aggregators to deliver a range of electricity services
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  • Case study

    Renewable EV charging using Web 3 technology

    Energy Web’s first of its kind green charging solution provides a guarantee that energy used for charging electric vehicles comes from renewables
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Asset Management
  • Case study

    KORE and Kigen Open-Source SIM Technology for Cybersecurity

    Energy Web, KORE, and Kigen developed a highly secure, efficient, SIM-based open-source solution for internet-of-things (IOT) device communication.
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  • Case study

    Frictionless EV charging using a supplier and charging point of your choice

    Building on their previous work, Elia Group and Energy Web partnered to launch the ReBeam solution
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the Energy Transition

Energy Web develops and operates enterprise-grade software solutions that help energy companies capture business value from clean and distributed energy resources in complex, multi-stakeholder environments where a lack of coordination creates barriers to innovation

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See how Energy Web's technology help enterprises navigate the energy transition


Securely perform continuous monitoring, authentication, and authorization for all types of users and remote endpoints
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Improve performance and reduce the cost of sharing information and executing complex business logic between multiple companies
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Register, track, and trade low-carbon products and attributes with high fidelity
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Europe + EMEA

Ioannis Vlachos

Commercial Director,  EMEA
“Giving a digital identity to all your assets unlocks their full potential”

Amy Westervelt

Senior Delivery Lead
"Let's co-create your next business opportunity"
Asia Pacific

Meerim Ruslanova

Senior Delivery Lead
''Empowering energy companies create additional offerings and business models around clean energy traceability''
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Developer resources

Ready to start building? Energy Web’s technology stack is fully open-source, and we’ve provided all the resources you need to create your own solution
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Developer resources

Ready to start building? Energy Web’s technology stack is fully open-source, and we’ve provided all the resources you need to create your own solution.
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Be part of a global community of member organizations who have collectively invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours validating specific business processes where Web3 technology adds value
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The Lab by Energy Web is your digital portal into cutting-edge R&D, community resources, and the latest news from the Energy Web ecosystem
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