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Shayna Vayser

Business Development Associate

Shayna supports stakeholder engagement and solution development for the Crypto Climate Accord, a set of objectives inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement to build, test, and implement digital toolkits that enable the crypto and blockchain sector to be 100% renewably-powered. She also works with the United Nations Foundation as a Policy Advisor on Sustainable Development and Global Goals Ambassador for Clean, Affordable Energy (SDG 7). Shayna holds her MA in International Relations from American University in Washington, DC.

As attorney-at-law and public notary, Patrick is the owner of PST legal & consulting in Zug, a law firm specializing in Swiss and international tax law, corporate law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and re-structuring of national and international businesses, the relocation of companies and individuals, and advising on legal issues for blockchain companies.

Patrick has previously worked as an administrative judge at the canton court of Zug and with one of the “big four” auditing companies in Zurich. He studied law in Zurich before taking the legal and notarial examinations in Canton Zug, as well as spending a year working in a law firm in New York. He speaks German, English, and French.

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