Adam Nagy

Adam Nagy is Blockchain Lead at Energy Web.

The Energy Web is accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of open-source, decentralized, digital technologies.

Latest Tweets

Following yesterday's article from #EnergyWeb CEO @WalterKook about the ... decentralized SLA, our CCO Jesse Morris shares insights into our vision for #staking (escrow) with $EWT for the #EWDOS tech stack. 👇 #TheEnergyTransitionIsAtStake #ClimateActionIsAtStake #WeAreTheEnergyWeb

SLAs are a cornerstone of enterprise adoption of digital tech. They are ... EVERYWHERE, yet they're typically predicated on bilateral contracts between two counterparties. So what do you do when there ISN'T a single counterparty, as in #blockchain? Enter the DECENTRALIZED SLA. 👏 https://twitter.com/energywebx/status/1364937726936555524

For all those #energy sector and utility biz model innovators out there, check ... out this insightful take wrt the impact of escrow-based service level agreements (SLAs) in combination with decentralized tech for accelerating electric grid digitization and decarbonization #EWDOS https://twitter.com/WalterKook/status/1364848580201222148

As someone who is executing blockchain projects with corporates on a daily basis... at @energywebx, I cannot emphasize enough how important this will become to adoption that goes beyond the proof of concept phase https://twitter.com/WalterKook/status/1364848580201222148

Staking via $EWT is a new kind of #crypto model. It's key to unlocking tens of ... thousands of utility nodes (run by the ecosystem) offering cheap, reliable IT services to grid operators. No more vendor lock-in or RFPs required to standup an enterprise app: https://medium.com/energy-web-insights/its-coming-quality-of-service-guarantees-for-decentralized-technologies-c0e133ebe644

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