THE ENERGY BLOCKCHAIN MEETUP ROUNDUP: Growing the energy blockchain community

 By Natalija Sandic on April 23, 2019

The Energy Web Foundation regularly hosts energy blockchain meetups in and around our development hub in Berlin, often in cooperation with our incredible network of Affiliates. Can’t make a meetup in person? No problem! This recurring series will give you all the important details in short, easy recaps.

Meetups are often stereotyped as local events where you either a) sit and listen to a presentation, b) network with other professionals, or c) both. But what about a meetup in which tech startups pitch before a panel of seasoned investors? Such was the case recently for energy blockchain startups at EWF's most-recent meetup in Berlin.

On Monday, April 11 at Berlin’s Mindspace, Energy Web Foundation (EWF) together with Affiliate Konfidio hosted an “Energy Blockchain Startup Showcase” as an official side event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2019. Five European startups—all of them EWF Affiliates—that are shaping the energy blockchain space showed their current stage of development in front of a six-investor panel. We are proud to have such an active network of companies currently using the EWF test network for development.

In the spotlight: five startups and their pitches

Munich-based startup WIRELANE is focused on electric vehicle (EV) charging, including finding charging stations, initiating charging sessions, and settling payment. Its blockchain-based services are active in five European countries, encompassing more than 60,000 charging points in Europe.

Berlin-based startup DEEP (the Decentralized Energy Exchange Platform) is developing a peer-to-peer platform that allows electricity consumers and prosumers to buy and sell energy. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict electricity needs based on aggregated data collected through smart-meters and other IoT devices.

Like Wirelane, Swiss-based startup SHARE&CHARGE is focused on electric mobility. Share&Charge targets overcoming interoperability challenges across myriad charge point networks, enabling a better user experience for EV drivers and improved EV integration into the grid. Blockchain-based smart contracts automatically settle payment.

Croatia-based startup GREYP BIKES—originally a division of Rimac Automobili—designs, engineers, and produces high-end electric bicycles. Now found in 26 countries on 5 different continents, Greyp e-bikes are able to communicate with Ethereum Virtual Machine-like blockchains using the embedded node.

Spanish startup FLEXIDAO is bringing greater granularity, transparency, and integrity to green certificate markets. FlexiDAO's core engine provides gas relay services, private key recovery, identity management for privacy, and a user-friendly experience. Its Spring dApp targets certificates of origin and other renewable energy markets.

The investor panel reacts

The investor panel consisted of Benedikt Kronberger (BTOV), Andrea Licata (Talenteco), Florian Till (Innogy), Omri Erez (Coinix), Leonard Dorlöchter (Advanced Blockchain AG), and Mark Cachia (Scytale Ventures).

The investors asked probing questions that forced the startups to focus and articulate clear answers and business plans: Who are your customers? Why blockchain? What is your go-to-market strategy? How many users do you have? What are your target markets? Why are you using EW Chain? How much money do you need?

It was great to see how the startups have matured in the past six months, in terms of both their technology and their business plans. Many have secured significant new deals and announced expanded pilot deployments. Although they had only 10 minutes each to pitch their ideas, they definitely caught the attention of the investor panel.

Join us for our next meetup where we’re gonna talk about what is wrong in the energy sector today and how can we fix it.

The Energy Web is accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of blockchain and other decentralized technologies.

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