Energy Web Foundation Announces ING’s Walter Kok as Chief Operating Officer

 By Energy Web Foundation on January 23, 2019

Blockchain nonprofit further builds executive team with top global talent ahead of 2019 Energy Web Chain launch


Zug, Switzerland, 23 January 2019 — Energy Web Foundation (EWF) today announced that Walter Kok has been named its first chief operating officer. Kok brings nearly three decades of experience leading customer solutions and operational teams in complex, global organizational environments, including in the fields of fintech, telecommunications and information technology (IT).


Prior to joining EWF, Kok was COO of bank-wide operations at ING Bank, where he drove a series of transformation programs and built a new type of operating model better equipped to deal with the challenges of regulatory requirements and technological disruption. In addition to ING, Kok’s prior experience also includes senior board positions at Vodafone Global Enterprise, BT, NEC Corporation and several startups.


As EWF’s COO, Kok will work closely with Affiliates, customers, and internal team members to launch and operate the Energy Web Chain. He will help develop a portfolio of decentralized applications (DApps) with EWF’s partners to further the digital evolution of the energy system.


“I have seen the power of new technologies transforming the telecoms and finance sectors, so my new role at EWF is especially exciting,” said Kok. “I feel privileged and proud to be a part of the transition to a more decentralized energy system while working with the brightest talents from all over the world.”


Kok’s addition to the team comes at a pivotal time when blockchain technology is fast gaining serious respect and adoption in the energy sector, and as EWF—both as an organization and via its ecosystem of Affiliates— is expanding rapidly. The EWF ecosystem includes energy majors, utilities and grid operators, fintech and information technology firms, software developers, and more, and Kok’s decades of experience in those arenas will help EWF navigate an exciting year ahead that includes the full commercial launch of the Energy Web Chain planned for mid-2019.


“Walter Kok is an incredibly talented executive with a strong track record in innovation and deep expertise in banking and telecoms. We are fortunate to have him join our team," said CEO Hervé Touati. “His background, skill and experience in managing large-scale, international operations will be crucial to our organization’s ability to lead global deployment of energy blockchain technology. Our solutions will enable our clients to integrate device connectivity, physical flows and financial flows under one shared platform which interoperates with their business partners and prosumers, providing much higher flexibility for a fraction of the cost.”


With Kok’s addition to the executive team, EWF continues to recruit leading talent for its C suite. In August of 2018, EWF announced Shell’s Hervé Touati as its first CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute’s Jesse Morris as chief commercial officer, and MET International AG’s Raffaella Piraino as chief financial officer.


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